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  • Magnet tiles

    Hands down best toy for your kids. My kids have been playing with them forever! You can put them on the fridge or outside on the garage door! They are pretty affordable and ours have leashes up years!

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    100000% agree! Plus they’re infinitely easier to clean up than legos. 😂


    • Mgilliam
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      They also hurt much less then Legos when you step on them haha

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    I dont know much about magna tiles but I'm always nervous about things that have magnets in them with a toddler that loves to put things in her mouth. Are the magnets really secure in them?


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      My son (5) recently broke one actually. He built a rocket ship and threw it because it needed to fly.. it hit the slate hearth for our fire place and cracked. We were able to pry out one magnet from a corner.
      They aren’t indestructible but I feel like they are pretty hard to break.