I remember scrolling TikTok in 2020 like so many of us did, all being locked down during the start of a global pandemic. I saw homes perfectly organized, women dressed to the nines with their perfectly groomed, well behaved children. I instantly felt less than. My house has never looked like that even on its best day. I am currently still “in the thick of it”- with a two and four year old I stay home with 24/7. And so I took a chance. I lept. 

I showed my messy house and embraced it. I showed my stretch marks and cried about the hardship of parenting and what happened amazed me. Thousands and thousand commenting “me too” – relating to my chaos. Embracing this idea of “normalizing normal”. Embracing the idea what life is not a Highlight reel and we should not compare it to such. 

I love showing you all my real life, without the filter, and making you feel better about yours.